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Ordering Copier/Printer Paper

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Q. How do I order copier/printer paper?
A. To order copier/print paper, just fill in this form PAPER ORDER FORM.  As time allows, we'll even deliver same day (you can always come by the desk and pickup paper at any time).
You'll need to let us know which Index code to charge and how much paper you need.  White paper is sold by the case.
Q. What kind of paper is available?
A. At the moment, we are just bulk purchasing white, 8 1/2" x 11" 30% recycled paper.
We plan to add select colors as we understand demand for them.  If you have a favorite color, let us know.  Since we aren't stocking color paper yet, it may take two to four business days for delivery.  Color paper will be sold by the ream.  If you have an immediate need for color paper, please visit our colleagues in Print and Copy Services.  
Q. Why are you buying 30% recycled paper?
A.  Not only does it help SOU meet it's sustainability goals, it is required by official policy of the university.
Q. Why shouldn't we just call or run down to Staples or Office Depot to buy paper instead?
A. We are able to the secure the best price for the university by purchasing in bulk.  The price for paper, especially recycled paper, goes up considerably when it is purchased by the ream.
Q. What are you charging for this service?
A. Nothing.  We are selling the paper at cost.

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Luana Stevens
What if I need to purchase colored paper?

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