Students: Customize Your Course List

NavigationWhile you cannot adjust the Moodle home page where you land after logging in, it is possible to customize your "Dashboard" page to display the courses that you want to see now and hide the rest. Once your page is customized, just click on "Dashboard" after you log in and you'll be ready to open the courses that you need today. Here's how to go about it: Instructions for students.

Also, try accessing your courses from the block in the upper left corner of your Moodle home page labeled "Courses Available to You." There you'll find a list of academic terms. Courses that are available to you will be posted within each term's link. These links make it easy to find the courses you are currently taking.

Note: If you don't find a link for a course you're taking, your instructor may not have made its course site available yet or may not be planning to use Moodle. Please direct any questions about course availability to your instructor.