Students: Find a Missing Course

Where's my class cartoonMoodle moves courses from "In progress" to "Past" at the end of the term.




Moodle has a new feature to help us focus on current courses in the navigation panel in the left side of our course. When the course reaches its "end date," it shifts out of the navigation panel. Here's how to find it again:

Screenshot of dashboardOpen the user menu in the upper right corner of any Moodle page and click on Dashboard.

In your dashboard, click on the Courses tab.

Click on the Past tab to display courses that have reached their completion date.

Note: Future courses will be displayed for students after instructors make them available.

Quick Tip: You can bookmark this page for quick reference! If you are not already logged into Moodle when you click on the bookmarked link, be sure to scroll down to the SOU Account Login link at the bottom of the log-in page.