Students: Inserting Images in Moodle

Insert ImageIt's not hard to insert images in Moodle posts, but you do need to be careful about image size. Some important things to note about inserting images directly in Moodle textboxes such as forum posts, online text assignments and glossaries:

  • Images must be saved as individual files in order to be inserted in Moodle.
  • Acceptable image file types are .jpg, .gif, and .png.
  • You cannot copy and paste or drag and drop an image into Moodle. You must use the Insert/edit image icon on the toolbar, as described at right and in the guide linked below.
  • Images will display in their "native" (original) size, so be prepared to adjust them for best fit.

Large image files (more than 100-200K) are slow to load and take up valuable storage space (that we have to pay for). Use a photo editing program to reduce a big image or contact the Help Desk for assistance.

The illustration provided here shows how to go about inserting an image. This guide will walk you through the entire image insertion process.

Bonus: Need to resize a photo before you upload it? These instructions are just what you need!