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Students: See Instructor Feedback

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There are four places (at least!) in Moodle to look for feedback from your instructor:

  1. The gradebook—click on Grades in the navigation panel in the left column of your course. This article has many more details for reviewing your grades.
  2. In the activity link — for an Assignment, click on the link and scroll down below the submission status section to see comments and any file(s) returned to you by your instructor.

    For a discussion forum, open the forum and click on View grades.

  3. User Menu—open the user menu in the top right corner of any Moodle page.
  4. Attendance—if your instructor has an Attendance link posted in your course site, you may find feedback posted along with your attendance status for a class session.

This guide explains how to view individual scores and feedback for submissions graded with rubrics and checklists.

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