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Faculty: Embed a Web Link

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Insert web linkMoodle makes it easy to post an external link to your course page, but it's just as easy to include an external link in a web page (or book or assignment or.... basically in any text box). (Download this guide to embedding links, files and videos.)

To create a text link to an external web site in any Moodle text box:

  1. Type in the text to which you want to link the web site. Make the text bold and underline it to make it stand out as a link.
  2. Select the text you have just typed with your mouse.
  3. In the toolbar, click on the icon with the chain links on it labeled Insert/edit link.
  4. Enter or paste the URL of the target site in the Link URL field, including http://.
  5. Add a title if desired (this will be displayed when a mouse hovers over it).
  6. In the Target field, select "New window" from the pull-down menu.
  7. Click on Insert to return to your text box. Save your changes!

Bonus Tip: Are your editing toolbars missing when you open an existing text box? These instructions will have you editing again in a hurry.

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