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Faculty: Manage Reminders

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Moodle's Reminder app can help students keep track of impending due dates and will notify them if they have activities that are overdue. Reminders and overdue notices are sent as email messages. 

Important Update: Initially, notifications were sent to all users by default which some individuals found overwhelming. The default notification settings for these reminders have been set to Off so that users may opt in to them if they wish. As a result, they will only receive the notices if they choose to do so. See these instructions provided to students for updating their notification settings to opt in.

To review and adjust Reminder settings, open the course admin gear from your course main page and scroll down to Reminders. (See frequently asked questions below.)

 You'll see future activities in your course that are marked for reminders and overdue notices:

To remove reminders and/or overdue alerts from an activity, uncheck the related box (one by one, sorry about that!).

What items generate reminders?

If there is a date feature attached to an activity, that will produce a reminder notice. So, if you have assignments, quizzes, and/or forums that have due dates indicated, reminders will be sent. In addition to these activities that you'd expect to be included, reminders are also sent for individual class sessions entered in an Attendance activity.

Can reminders for attendance class sessions be turned off?

Yes. The easiest way is to turn off the Create calendar event for session option AS you create your class sessions. If you want to eliminate reminders after you have created sessions, you can edit individual sessions to remove the option (or delete future sessions and create new ones with the option turned off!).

Why do students receive overdue notices for activities they have completed?

When an overdue notice is activated, it will be sent if the activity has not been marked complete. Setting up completion tracking so that items are checked off based on students submitting their work will eliminate "false positive" overdue notices. If you are not yet taking advantage of Moodle's completion tracking option, we strongly recommend it. (And if you are, have you discovered that you can adjust completion settings in bulk?)

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