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Faculty: Remove a Grade Override

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Screenshot of override notice in grading interfaceSome activities are designed to be scored automatically (like quizzes and questionnaires) while others enable you to enter scores via the activity itself (such as assignments and forums). When scores are entered for these items directly in the gradebook instead, the grades are “overridden.”

These instructions describe how to remove the override for a score that was manually entered to allow the auto-generated score to be recorded in its place.

Remove an Override

To remove an override, turn editing on in your course and open the gradebook. Remove the override in one of two ways (SPOILER ALERT: Method #2 is faster!):

  1. Follow these instructions for using the gradebook’s Single view, locate the score that you wish to change, then uncheck the override box associated with the score that you wish to display from the activity itself and Save changes, OR
  2. In the Grader report view, locate the grade item and specific score that you wish to adjust and click on the edit icon associated with it (the horizontal scroll bar for the gradebook lurks at the bottom of your screen), then uncheck the Overridden option. Save changes.

Screenshot of grade item with editing icon

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