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How to Connect to SOU-Wireless (Mac)

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This article will walk you through how to connect to our open wireless network, SOU-Wireless, from any Wi-Fi-enabled Apple computer running Mac OS X.

To begin, locate the AirPort/Wi-Fi status icon in the top-right corner of your screen. If this icon is missing, follow the instructions here to enable it. (On versions of Mac OS X newer than 10.6, the "AirPort" label has been replaced by "Wi-Fi," but the process is identical.)


If your status icon appears blank as depicted above, you will need to enable your wireless adapter before proceeding. Just click the icon, then select "Turn Wi-Fi On" or "Turn AirPort On" depending on which version of Mac OS X you're running.


Once your wireless adapter is enabled, it should quickly present you with a list of all the available wireless networks within range of your computer. Find SOU-Wireless in the list and click on it.


After a few seconds, you should be connected. You can tell when this has finished by looking for the check mark next to SOU-Wireless in the list of wireless networks.


If you select SOU-Wireless you will need to follow the steps below to sign in:

A Portal Login window will open when you select SOU-Wireless, and ask for a username and password. Enter your SOU school username and password (do not put the from your email address):


Upon successful authentication you will see the following screen:


You will now be able to use the network at SOU. 

If you are still experiencing difficulties, please visit us at the Help-Desk in the Computer Science Building.

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