Resetting the Password of a CashNet Tuition and Payment Account for Family Members

Friends and Family can use the CashNet system for electronic checking or savings payments and credit card payments.  Students must initiate the process of creating a CASHNet account, which will provide a designated family member or other authorized payee copies of the student’s account statements and the ability to make payments online. If you are a family member of a student, please provide him or her the link to this page and your email address.

To setup a Friends and Family account, follow these instructions.

If a family member/authorized payee has forgotten their password or didn't complete their account setup within 24 hours of receiving the initial email, you will need to reset their password.

To manage a Friends and Family Account:

 1. Log in to InsideSOU (or use the direct links in this article)
 2. Click on the Student and Registration Tools link located in the Online Services menu
 3. Click on the Make a Payment link
 4. In the Friends and Family section, click Edit next to the family member/authorized payee's name

 5. If they just need their password reset, click the Reset Password button.  You may also update other information, including name, address, and access rights.  When completed, click OK.

Your family member/authorized payee with receive an email that includes a temporary password. As before, they will have 24 hours to login and create a new password.